• Beginnings

    Hong Shun Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Wen Huo Lin and Mr. Allen Huang in December 1997, in Linkou, Taiwan.

    In the initial period, we provide SMEs internal network connection, even set of hardware and software, maintenance, construction, information and other services.

    In year 2001, Mr. Albert Kan had chance make business connections with the MICE industry.

    Mr.Lin, Mr.Huang and Mr.Kan realized that MICE industry is full of potential, presenting huge business opportunity.

    Therefore, they decided to invest in.

    Mr. Kan took responsible to research and develop IT system, handling the exhibitions buyer registration, badge reclaim, database management and access control business.

    As Hong Shun was getting well and plus Taiwan government fully supports MICE industry. In 2004, Hong Shun Technology Co., Ltd. found the event service division. At the same time, Hong Shun were considering that Taipei World Trade Center was located on Xinyi district which is surrounded by Taiwan important finical business centers and the TWTC is the core of Taiwan’s exhibition.

    Therefore, Hong Shun set up branch office at Taipei World Trade Center Hall and started in conducting the badge reclaim system for Taiwan External Trade Development Council, TAITRA.

  • Growing

    For Hong Shun, year 2005 was an extremely critical year.

    In this year, Hong Shun event service division depended on our advanced, reliable registration system, and luckily, was been favored by the TAITRA, become the TAITRA system contractors.

    At the same period, Hong Shun was starting to provide exhibition related services for other organizers, besides, we began to undertake foreign exhibitions, such as one of the most important exhibitions in Asia: International Security Expo.

    In 2006 ,Hong Shun event service division considering that the MICE industry needs high –speed interflow IT information, in order to receive a more complete and first-hand IT technology information from Europe and the United States, therefore decided to establish IT R & D center in Malaysia.

    In 2009, Hong Shun because of the accurate, the zero error login system as well as intimate, professional exhibition service, spuriously become the only one designated TAITRA contractor.

    As Hong Shun event service division expanding the business, the original Hong Shun event service division independence from Hong Shun Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Strengthening

    2010 is a crucial year for the Hong Shun Event Services Co.,Ltd. Hong Shun Event Services was honored as login system and service personnel contactor of TAITRA at the same time.

    In the same year, because of Taiwan and China signed the ECFA agreement (Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement), offered the preferential tariff or zero tariffs. The ECFA early harvest list provides tariff preferences for the industries whose have been included. Therefore these industries are heading to China for huge business.

    In order to provide customers with a complete and comprehensive service in advance. Hong Shun set up offices in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, China.

    Hong Shun take Taiwan as headquarter to serves more international organizers and exhibitors