We warm the hearts

Borrow a slogan "connecting people " to describe Hong Shun’s core conception is not enough. The wording "Technology warm the hearts", which is Hong Shun goals along the way, in most people's minds, the science and technology has always been cold and without feelings.

However, in Hong Shun’s idea how to allow technology more than a technology to make customers feel satisfied and warm, is Hong Shun’s important goals and mission.

Service is our most important mission

In our way to development, we always considering how use technology to produce a new process of operating and new thinking then to meet customers need. It also is the reason why we use “service” to position our company.

In our cognitive, although we have strongly technical abilities, but this is not sufficient, what really make us proud is our client can feel our care while they use our products or services.

This intermediate difficulty is actually indescribable, after all, the technology is fixed and cold, how to develop or combination these cold to make they to warm people, is a difficult challenges. Luckily, Hong Shun has a group of creative and hardworking partners, overcome the challenges again and again, to create a series of miracle, to satisfied our customers .

when we see the smile on our customers’ face, we clearly know that we made it!

Please come participate in Hong Shun's success

The Continued development of Taiwan's exhibition industry in 10 years, Hong Shun submitted our marvelous transcripts. We have reached many achievements, in 2011, "Hong Shun Event Services Co.Limited " step out from Taiwan, and established branches in outside of Taiwan.

At this moment, we will be able to bring our warm services to more people, and look forward to more friends come participate in Hong Shun's success.