“Hong Shun Technology Co., Ltd. “was founded in December 1997. In initial, we provides SMEs internal network connection, even set of hardware and software, maintenance, construction, information and other services. However, with the expansion of businesses, in 2001, the company launched the MICE industry, and to proceed with the development for system soft hardware which the exhibition required.

“Hong Shun Event Services Co., Ltd. “was formally established in 2009, the business content more diversified, in addition to continued research and development exhibition and conference operating system, but also plus the temp human Resource, integrated services for booth decoration design and construction activities of public relations planning, to become Taiwan's only specialized software R & D services company engaged in the MICE industry. Ended in 2012, has set up an office in Tainan, Taiwan, Guangzhou also set up branch offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and is planning to set up offices in China and throughout Asia.


Because of the support of customers as well as our energetic colleagues, Hong Shun Event Services Co., Ltd. has becoming stronger.We demands attentive service combined with advanced technology to provide customers with more efficient, reliable and novel exhibition mode of operation. In the future, with strong R & D personnel and experienced executive team, We will keep to developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of each customer, also to allow customers to enjoy state-of-the-art exhibition technology services as soon as possible.

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